Evolution and Expansion: The Story of Nover Constructions


Nover Constructions Pty Ltd traces its origins back to 1954 when it was established by Norm Overmeyer and Ken Cowley.

Originally operating from a small cottage in Putney, suburban Sydney, the company initially focused on civil engineering contracts in the city. Norm, a civil engineer, and Ken, a chartered accountant, formed a strong partnership.

Nover Constructions

In its early years, Nover secured contracts such as laying gas pipes for Sydney’s early gas supplies. Additionally, influenced by Ken’s connections in the wool broking business, the company began importing various products from Japan, primarily for the building industry. This diversification eventually led to the establishment of Austel Industries Pty Ltd, initially known as Associated Credit Builders Pty Ltd, specialising in manufacturing hollow core cabinet doors.


Throughout the 1980s, Nover underwent significant changes, including the sale of its kitchen business to R N Jones and Co. The family refocused on Nover, expanding its branches to areas like Bateman’s Bay, Nowra, and Wollongong. The company’s product range expanded to cater specifically to the kitchen industry, with leading brands like Formica laminate and Coronite board.

Ken and Ailsa played a pivotal role in the company’s growth, actively traveling to trade shows globally. By the mid-1990s, Nover had established multiple branches across Australia, offering a comprehensive supply solution to kitchen manufacturers and shopfitters.

After Ken Cowley’s retirement in 1994 and subsequent passing in 2000, Stephen Cowley took over as Chairman. Under Stephen’s leadership, Nover expanded its operations, acquiring businesses like Bettaform and Cabinet Hardware Supplies, further strengthening its presence in the joinery supplies market.

In 2004, Nover consolidated its Sydney locations into one centralised facility at Eastern Creek, Western Sydney. Fast forward to 2024, Nover continues to support local businesses through its branch network, providing employment opportunities for the community. The company’s product range has evolved to cater specifically to the cabinetmaking and joinery industries, featuring exclusive brands such as Krome drawer systems, Fenix NTM, and DesignerSplash splashbacks, among others.

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