Experience Czech Design


With its design and manufacturing facilities located in Brno, Czech Republic, Hoxter is at the forefront of producing some of the world’s most unique architectural centrepieces for the contemporary home.

The company’s goal is not to be the biggest, but simply to be the best, and to achieve this, the brand refuses to follow current trends of creating consumer goods with short lifespans. Instead, Hoxter heroes the creation of fireplaces that are robustly built from the best available materials, which are designed to withstand demanding use for years to come.

The journey between an initial concept and a product’s completion is a long one, so Hoxter understands the importance of development and testing before a product is introduced to the market. That is why, when you install a Hoxter fireplace, you are also installing confidence.

Available now for the first time to Australian consumers, Hoxter can be sourced through its exclusive distribution channel, Scandia Group Pty Ltd. Scandia Group will offer the Haka, Uka and Ecka ranges throughout 2021 and 2022.

Engineered for performance and durability, Hoxter’s working mechanisms are so refined you can lift the Uka’s three-sided glass door with a finger. A taste of contemporary European design awaits, ready to imbue your home with a warming glow that can be enjoyed for decades.

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