A Blue Beauty Inside this Sydney Home


Pull up a stool at the blue-clad island inside this Sydney home and bask in the beauty of its shiny white benchtops, huge cooker and arched mantle.

The previous U-shaped kitchen featured a corner pantry and return island. The less-than-ideal return had a high bar back enclosing the small space even further. The owners knew the space needed overhauling and top of their wish list was the inclusion of a large freestanding cooker, a curved decorative mantle where they could display items, a butler’s sink and an island with seating. Premier Kitchens has ticked all the boxes with this alluring space.

To open up the room and create the desired kitchen/dining combination, a wall was removed, allowing for a larger island and creating better access. To save space and keep the width of the island from overwhelming the kitchen, cabinetry was placed on both sides of the island and under the seating to create wine storage. The pantry was placed as a benchtop cabinet set back on the bench with pantry drawers underneath. This placement ensured natural light could still enter the kitchen.

Originally hoping to cook on a 1200mm-wide freestanding oven, the clients decided to reduce this size to 900mm, another way this relatively small kitchen enjoys such big personality.

Designer Natalie Bristow (Premier Kitchens)

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