Future-proofing Your Interiors: Part 4 – How do you find your interior style?


For the fourth installment in our sustainable series, Kate St James guides us on an often difficult task: finding our own interior style

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Read magazines

Magazines provide a wealth of information and advice on products and services along with case studies by design professionals.


Surf the internet

Websites (such as Complete Home) are such an invaluable resource for researching ideas, products, suppliers, architects and designers.


Read books

Many books are written on the subject of sustainable design and living.


Visit showrooms

Seek out showrooms and suppliers with green credentials.


Mood boards

Create a mood board from all the things you love. This will give you the basis of your preferences and a place from which to move forward.


Professional assistance

Interior designers are trained professionals who can help you find your style and who can provide ideas, products and solutions you may not have thought about and which may not be readily available to the general public. They can often save you money, as any outlay on their services can often be recouped by the savings they can provide on products and getting the design right first time.

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Written by Kate St James FDIA

Originally from Grand Designs Australia magazine Volume 3 Issue 1