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Future-proofing Your Interiors: Part 5 – How do you create your interior style?


With interiors there are many different styles you can create. Here are some ideas:

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Use antique and vintage pieces
Quality antique and vintage furniture that has been well cared for or restored can look as beautiful and timeless as the day it was originally created.


Upcycled flea market finds

You’ll be amazed at what people throw out and you can save thousands of dollars by collecting and cleaning up these pieces yourself or by having them professionally restored. Remember, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”


Contemporary furniture and furnishings

Look for companies and brands with green credentials that are manufacturing modern pieces with responsible materials and manufacturing methods.


Use green materials, systems and strategies

ESD strategies include passive-solar design such as ideal site orientation, radiant heat and geothermal cooling, heat-resistant exterior finishes and glass, sustainable materials, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving taps and toilets, and eco-friendly furniture and furnishings.


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Written by Kate St James FDIA

Originally from Grand Designs Australia magazine Volume 3 Issue 1