Seamless Space Optimisation with Exedra Pocket Door System


Now you see it, now you don’t. With a “reveal or conceal” sliding pocket door you can make the most of limited space in any room, giving your cabinetry a streamlined look in the process.

When fully open, a pocket door disappears into a cavity in the adjacent wall, making it ideal for areas where an open door would be a hindrance. Exedra pocket door system from SaliceExedra Pocket Door Systems lead the field for innovation, elegant concealment and ease of use. They offer effortless operation – you just need one hand to open or close the doors – these customisable systems can be used to cleverly conceal a laundry, pantry cupboard or desk area. They can even be used in home offices, walk-in wardrobes or a living room to perhaps mask a media unit when it’s not in use.

The Exedra pocket door system uses a magnetic soft-closing mechanism to retract the door into the cavity and then, once the door is closed, ensure it is fully concealed. An assisted sliding action enables the door to slide in and out of the pocket smoothly and silently in one gentle, controlled motion.
Each door requires a cavity of just 55cm and the doors are customisable for height (1576-2730mm), width (400-900mm) and thickness (18-30mm), giving you the flexibility to tailor the perfect solution for your space.

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The Exedra2 is the next evolution, allowing the simultaneous opening or closing of a pair of linked doors with a single action. This is available in two versions. One is the Exedra2 Star, where the door panels remain hidden by the cover panel that is fixed to the front of the system. The Exedra2 Smart is the other. In this version, the door edges are visible when they are folded into the compartment. This allows for shorter pocket lengths, ideal for cabinets of reduced depth, and can be used in conjunction with the standard Exedra pocket door system, too.

A smooth operator in every sense, the Exedra2 has a look of pared-back elegance, an effect enhanced by the absence of load-bearing anterior profiles on the top or bottom of the cabinet. The entire mechanism is self-supporting and fixed to the side of the cabinet, thereby eliminating the need for additional central supports.

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Designed to make life easy, Exedra pocket doors are not just a breeze to operate, they are easier to install than other systems on the market (there are just four simple steps) and removing them for service after installation is a simple process (no need to remove the cabinetry). To ease your mind, each system is backed by a lifetime warranty.

So if you want to see the greatest disappearing act of all time, check out an Exedra pocket door system.

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