Get the look: British invasion

Get the look: British invasion



From classic bowler hat lighting to a union jack fridge, we give you 9 unique options to help you Brit up you pad.

1. 1. FAB28RUJ     2. 

3. 3. henry cushion   4.4 union jack bedside table_adv

5.5. Hirshorn Chair Vintage UJ Denim  6.6. Stamp_Rugs_PURPLE_A (2)

7.7. cushion (1)  8.8. Big Ben 1
9.9. Ashley Allen 2

By Tessa Hoult

Between the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it feels like we’re experiencing a British invasion! We’ve found these “best of British” pieces to help you get the look.

1. Custom Fab refrigerator by Smeg. Available from Smeg.

2. Jeeves & Wooster pendant lights by Jake Phipps. Available from Everything Begins.

3. Henry cushion by Laura Ashley. Available at Laura Ashley.

4. Union Jack buffet by Matt Blatt. Available from Matt Blatt.

5. Hirshorn chair Vintage Union Jack by Andrew Martin. Available from Andrew Martin.

6. 1p stamp rug by Rug Maker. Available from Everything Begins.

7. Britannia cushion by Laura Ashley. Available from Laura Ashley.

8. Big Ben wall clock by Funky Little Darlings. Available from Funky Little Darlings.

9. Train Ticket cushion by Ashley Allen. Available from Ashley Allen.

From Luxury Home Design 15.3