Get the look: Modern beach house interior

Get the look: Modern beach house interior



Check out some of the top current catches in the market for modern, seaside-chic style.

1. Modern Coastal6

2. Modern Coastal2

3Modern Coastal3 4Modern Coastal4

5. Modern Coastal5

6. moderncoastal1


7Modern Coastal7

8. Modern Coastal8

9. Modern Coastal9 

10. Modern Coastal10

11.Modern Coastal11

Nautical is one of those universally popular styles that will always be around and has a little something to suit all tastes. It stays true to its roots, with shabby chic influences, but comes back around as often as the tide, with great modern interpretations. This season the trend moves away from its usual pastel colourway to a more bold and graphic look. Watery blues are switched for aquatic turquoises, and light sands for sunshine gold. Pair this with the more design-led coastal prints focusing on life at sea; think fish scale prints, coral silhouettes, fishing nets, choppy waves, and rope features.


1. Marbella outdoor rug from Eco Chic.

2. Maritime chair from Insitu.

3. Spotlight tripod table lamp from Phil Bee Interiors.

4. Mango wood tree design vase from Oxfam Australia.

5. Victoria coffee table in white from Form.Function.Style.

6. Oh! I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside print from SE10 Gallery.

7. Lasso bottle holder from Urban Attitude.

8. Falper Via Veneto shelves from Rogerseller.

9. Hot Springs cushions from Xavier & Me.

10. Milestone cantilevered floor lamp by Yellow Diva form Insitu.

11. Large jute floor basket with charcoal stripes from The Dharma Door. Limus jute rug from WorldWeave.

By Fiona Michelon
From Luxury Home Design magazine Vol. 15 No. 6