The golden touch: a Tennyson Reach apartment project

The golden touch: a Tennyson Reach apartment project


A Queensland design firm brings a fresh vision of luxury to a Tennyson Reach apartment in Brisbane, infusing it with light, air, and just enough gilded glamour

Situated on the south side of the Brisbane River, this luxurious Tennyson Reach apartment radiates cool. Simple, contemporary styling is the perfect complement to this modern digs. No matter what your taste in home decor, everyone will appreciate this charismatic interior.

The visionary behind the amazing space is Queensland-based award-winning interior design consultancy, Design Vision, headed by Revy Bryce Browning, The primal goal was to create a space for the client that was equal parts calm, inviting and stylish.

“Before we worked on the apartment, it had quite a hard minimalist interior,” says Revy. “It needed the right soft furnishings to turn it into a home. The client wanted warmth and that’s what we gave them. The project’s success was due to the client trusting us and respecting our work, enabling us to deliver a look and feel they felt comfortable with.”

The interior of the dreamy structure contains crisp, freshly painted walls and a simple palette that create a welcoming harmony. Soft sheer curtains were installed in the living and main bedroom to control the harsh Australian sun, and combined with modern pieces and simple touches, they imbue a homely and romantic mood.

Proving that sometimes less really is more, Design Vision created a space that was sympathetic to the client’s personality and existing pieces and nishes. “The process was a dream; we met regularly, we collaborated and we agreed on almost everything,” says Revy. “They let us take them on the journey and it worked. We’d love more clients like this. We created the perfect look for them, one that was quiet, harmonious and not showy — just like the lovely people they are.”

As soon as you glance at this apartment’s interior, you know you’re in a truly impressive space and it’s easy to see why the clients believe they’ve found their forever home. Revy has created a fuss- free environment that stands apart from your regular residential home. It may be a small area, but it certainly doesn’t lack panache.

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Written by Stephanie Russo

Photography by Lee Butt

Originally in Home Design Magazine, Volume 20 Issue 5