Turn your house into a home with a linear gas fireplace


Gas Fireplaces have traditionally been somewhat of a luxury item in most homes. A beautiful gas fireplace can not only provide heat to a space but add ambience unlike any other heat source

A fireplace is a focal point of any home and can add significant appeal to a living space as well as value. Currently, the most popular fireplace styles are linear in format as they are sleek and minimal in design. Lopi have just now released a new line of linear fireplaces that are more affordable than any other fireplace of this size and format.

Lopi’s range now includes the ProBuilder™ Series of linear gas fireplaces. The ProBuilder™ Series does not compromise on Lopi’s renowned quality and is available in 3 sizes up to 1.8 metres wide!

The ProBuilder™ series features large viewing areas, beautiful flame presentation and a price point never seen before.

The range features a crystal clear tempered glass viewing area with a flush design and built in discreet safety screen. The model widths available are 42” (1067mm), 54” (1372mm) or 72” (1829mm).

The 42” and 54” Each models ship as standard with a wall switch and quiet fully variable blowers than can be completely switched off to enjoy the radiant heat. The 72” model comes with a remote and has the full features of GreenSmart 2 technology. The 42” & 54” models flame height, blowers and GreenSmart™ pilot ignition controls are accessed through the elegantly designed drop-down access panel. There is an optional wall thermostat remote available as well as your choice off media to finish the look.

Media options include four glass colours or rock embers for the base of the fireplace as well as a traditional log or tumbled stones or even more choice on the 72” model.

The ProBuilder™ linear gas fireplace is a type of ‘natural draft’ direct vent fireplaces, meaning they do not rely on a fan in order to mechanically draw the gases from the fireplace. They preserve room quality as they are sealed units and introduce oxygen from outside.

Compliment your ProBuilder Linear Fireplace by adding the side vent or front vent CoolSmart™ TV Wall system. Using CoolSmart means can reduce clearances to combustibles and safely position a TV above your fireplace.

The optional CoolSmart™ wall kit moves the heat outlet high on the wall to create a relatively cool zone to allow for safe television installs. The cool wall system is designed to redirect the convective heat of the ProBuilder™ fireplaces from the front of the unit, just above the glass, to a location higher on the wall.

To find out more information visit www.lopi.com.au or call 1800 064 234

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