Tiny Homes

How to Manage Space in Tiny Homes


Considering the switch to a tiny home? Or already learning to love the “less is more” lifestyle.

Here, we break down just a few of the many ways you can maximise space and organise your
own home for both form and function.

Breakup with clutter

Many people’s response to clutter is to better organise the things they already have – though, in a tiny home, it’s important to reduce the volume of possessions first, then look to organise it. A good place to start is sentimental items that you may not be able to part with, then triage other possessions there on. If you find yourself stuck on whether to keep an item or part ways with it: visualise the last time you actually used the item. If it’s not in the last month, or it doesn’t have a dual-purpose then it’s time to break up with clutter.

Opt for fewer walls, more multipurpose rooms

If you’ve got the ability to design your tiny home, or renovate an existing space, consider an open plan layout with multipurpose rooms to make the most of the tiny footprint. Sliding doors, partitions and curtains are retractable ways to snag up space, and double as  privacy.  For those with the luxury of high ceilings, add a loft to quickly size up your home and enjoy the increased living space.

Pro tip: consider adding roof windows or a skylight for ventilation, and to make the space feel even bigger.

Discover unexpected storage

Tiny Homes by EcoFlow

You may not have considered your wardrobe living in your staircase, but alas, there are plenty of ways to give your belongings a home without compromising on clutter. If you have stairs in your home, upgrade each step into a drawer. Add cabinet doors to the bulk head and repurpose for a walk-in wardrobe or even kitchen pantry.

Opt for dual purpose furnishings

While a coffee table can make a living space feel more refined, they tend to take up a good deal of space. If you insist on such furnishings, opt for ones that have dual purpose or additional storage, like an ottoman.

Wall-mounted storage units with cupboard-style mirrored cabinets can double as a desk, or even as a breakfast bar.

Feeling inspired? Start browsing the endless home hacks and storage solutions that other tiny-home owners have on your favourite social platform.

Power up

Using every inch of space to its potential is critical in a tiny home, and so too is having access to sufficient and reliable power. For a sleek, compact solution EcoFlow’s  Independence Kit is perfect for anyone ready to dive into the deep end of tiny home and off-grid living.

This all-inclusive solar power solution gives you complete autonomy over your tiny home’s energy and offers some of EcoFlow’s best tech, including a Power Hub, your choice of batteries, and the Smart Distribution Panel.

Additionally, you’ll get the Power Kit Console, which makes it effortless to control your system.

Pair this kit with any of EcoFlow’s solar panels for a highly advanced yet easy-to-operate top-to-bottom system. With the Independence Kit, you’re totally in charge.

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