classic style turntable

Interior Style: Music & Design perfectly in harmony


If you are a lover of music and design these classically modern products will surely hit the high notes

Time out armchair classic modern design

The Time Out arm chair is a classically modern design aesthetic; put those headphones on, turn up the volume, sit back and lose yourself.


ATH W1000X Audio technica

Outstanding quality workmanship combines with breathtaking audio fidelity in this very special set of headphones. The ATH-W1000X, from Audio Technica, produces music so sweet it’s for your ears only.

wood finish entertainment room amplifier

An integrated amplifier, the Peachtree Decco65 is simple and elegant with inputs for any desired audio source. Designed to enhance digital audio, and with a uniquely driven headphone amp, the Decco65 is ready to ‘woo’ anyone with sweet, sweet music.

sleek geometric wood bookcase

Sleek and minimalist, the bold geometric shape of the Gran Via bookcase provides ample storage space for anything you desire; from books and records to hi-fi equipment.

dark rich coffee table noir finish dark_rich_open_coffee_table_noir_finish

The One and Only coffee table is dark, rich and robust. This ‘noir’-coloured version adds an element of mystique to any room.

modular designer reclining sofa

Modular in its design, the 380 Plura Sofa changes its form to suit any need. As it’s fully adjustable and endlessly comforting, we suggest a full recline for maximum enjoyment.


classic style turntable

With the raw audio source that is vinyl, the Sondek LP12 is the turntable by which all others are judged.


Light your dedicated listening space in style with the Harrison table lamp.

Geometric style black and white corfu rug

Designed by Greg Natale, the Corfu rug’s strong geometric patterns define it.

sleek concrete wall clock with oak veneer hands

A minimalist design and sleek finish, the concrete wall clock with oak veneer hands is the perfect complement to any space.

Edited by James Cleland

Originally from Home Design Vol 16  No.4