The Archer: More heat, less energy, lower bills


Developed by Aurora, the Archer Gas Log Space Heater has achieved the ultimate in complete home heating; combining energy efficiency, high output (15 to 25 squares) and beautiful styling. The Archer Gas Log Space Heater has earned a 5.6 star rating by the Australian Gas Association

The basis of the impressive leap in output and efficiency achieved by the Archer Gas Log Space Heater is the revolutionary heat exchanger, featuring a three stage system which extracts over 90 percent of the heat from the gas, which is directly transferred into the room.

The Archer Gas Log Space Heater incorporates a combustion process, which delivers high efficiency and high heat output. The Archer high efficiency three stage heat exchange system allows for the heat of the exhaust gases to be reduced to 50°C before they enter the flue to ensure that every mega joule of gas input energy available is put to work heating the house.

The Archer Gas Log Fire has the potential to cut approximately 25 percent off a year’s heating bill. Installation advantages and cost of installation are at half the cost compared to other similar flued appliances, due to the products zero clearance features and the small bore 40mm PVC fluing system, which can be applied without any limitations on the installation of the appliance. It also has the advantage of using external air for combustion through its unique plastic Co-Axial flue system. This combined with the Archers automatic humidifier system would have to be one of the healthiest forms of heating.

The entire function of the Archer Gas Log Space Heater is computer controlled to provide safety and efficiency including automatic ignition, 3 heat settings and 3 speed fan operation. Other benefits include an optional remote control thermostat. Freestanding and Insert models are available.

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