How to Choose a Wood Heater for Your Home


Selecting the right wood heater can be a big decision.

At this time of year, it might be easy to forget about the dreaded cold of winter, but warmer months are a great time to give some thought to your home heating solution. A Jindara wood heater can be a great addition to your home, adding to the comfort and aesthetic and creating an eye-catching centrepiece. To top it off, research has shown a wood-burning fire has a significant calming effect.

But with so many options on the market, how do you decide which product is right for you? It’s an important decision and you’ll want to select the correct size and design that not only suits your interiors, but also does what it’s meant to do — provide an effective heating solution.

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The first step in the process is taking the time to understand how a wood heater operates and what will be most efficient in your space. Morgan Gason from Jindara Woodheating has a step-by-step guide for selecting the ideal wood heating solution for your home.

“Measuring the dimensions of the rooms you want to heat is the first port of call. It is important to identify the size and layout of your home by correctly measuring the area you want to heat,” explains Morgan. “Consider if the space will be closed off from the rest of the home with a door, such as a bedroom, study or entertainment room, when the wood heater is in use.”

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His next step is to identify your insulation, which is generally found in the building report if your home is newly developed. “The performance of any heating system relies on how well your home is insulated. A home with good insulation will retain heat, while poorly insulated homes will result in heat loss through walls, ceilings and windows. You’ll need a more powerful unit if your house experiences excessive heat loss.”

Windows are a major source of heat loss in the home and can become a problem if your wood heater lacks the capacity for sufficient heat output. “Windows are a major factor in heat retention, with up to 40 per cent escaping through windows, so your glazing will significantly impact the type of wood heater you choose, especially for those with single-glazed windows and doors.”

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Modern convection heaters operate differently to the more traditional radiant heaters. Morgan says that with a resurgence in the Jindara Radiant range due to size and affordability, it is important to know which type of unit suits your home.

“This one is again related to the building’s insulation. A convection or fan-forced unit such as Jindara Tilga is best suited to homes with good insulation and standard ceiling heights, as the fan will evenly distribute heat through the home. On the other hand, a radiant heater like Jindara Gawler tends to offer a more effective style of heating for draughty homes with poor insulation because they simply radiate through the firebox, meaning the heat is felt more readily around the unit.”

With this information in mind, you can now choose the location of your wood heater. There are many things to consider — whether it’s an open-plan area, extends up stairwells to a second storey, and proximity to doors and windows just to name a few.

“When you’re ready to make the purchase, reach out to a trusted Jindara dealer to help you find the best solution. They will know which units work best in Australian climates, a brand’s track record and, most importantly, they will be able to match your specifications with a unit that is the right size for your home,” says Morgan. “Size will be your number-one consideration, followed by design. If you install a unit that is too small or too large, it may be inefficient and perform poorly.”

Jindara Wood Heating

Jindara Woodheating is an Australian-owned company that has been a market leader for more than 25 years, and part of the Australian Home Heating Association. Their wood heaters are designed and manufactured in Ararat, Victoria, and have a strong reputation for quality and performance.

Jindara has an established Australia-wide network of dealers that provide exceptional advice to help you with your purchase. Many also offer an installation service as well as after-sales service and support for your investment. You can browse the extensive range and find your nearest dealer via the Jindara website.

Jindara has an established Australia-wide network

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