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In summer, Big Ass Fans can make you feel up to 6 degrees cooler, but in winter it does
something else entirely – it’s called heat destratification and it can help you save up to 30% in energy savings.

Big Ass Fans

By using a Big Ass ceiling fan in winter, you can create the air movement needed to mix heated air trapped at the ceiling with that pesky cold air lingering at the floor, effectively destratifying these layers and erasing the temperature difference. With uniform temperatures throughout the space, heaters don’t need to run as frequently to maintain thermostat set points, resulting in lower energy usage and costs associated.

Big Ass Fans Cooling

Thanks to their variable speed settings, Big Ass Fans can be run at low speeds to push the hot air at the ceiling downward without creating a draft, providing the home with warmer, more comfortable air throughout. Gone are the days of reversing ceiling fans!

Big Ass Fans for consumers

Reversing your Big Ass Fan in winter kills its efficiency by pushing up against the airfoils’ design rather than pulling warm air down. This increases both energy usage and the rate of heat loss.

Discover what makes Big Ass Fans the number one ceiling fan choice this winter.

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