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Make a Statement with a Wood Heater


The art of luxury designer fireplaces

Australian-owned company Sculpt Fireplace Collection exclusively supplies some of the world’s most desired luxury fireplaces. The Sculpt range of original, hand-spun designs offers a bespoke option that sets them apart from the rest. Not just about bestowing natural warmth, these pioneering designs ignite inspiration for lovers of art, sculpture and form.

Manufactured with high-quality materials in a fusion of innovation, technology and operational expertise, design is always at the forefront of any piece. Aiming to fill homes with maximum comfort while capturing the art and meaning of a sculptural fireplace, the award-winning designs and unique shapes make a statement in any home. With functionality immersed in decadent shapes, the fireplaces are showstoppers and statement pieces.

Available in a variety of options, Sculpt fireplaces have a strong following among architects and interior designers. The range of JC Bordelet suspended fireplaces feature fluid shapes and are available in a vast range of vibrant colours; the Seguin 100 per cent pure original cast-iron fireplaces can be freestanding or inbuilt; and the Axis panoramic wood heaters offer a combination of modern and contemporary design.

Handmade in France, the Axis I1000 wood fireplace is a celebration of geometric versatility and artisan engineered construction. Exuding a mesmerising display of flames and unsurpassed design excellence, it has a linear structure and a large viewing window. The unit comes in a variety of forms including freestanding or inbuilt, single- or double-sided, and the optional outdoor air kit enables fresh air to be introduced into the firebox, for more effective combustion of the firewood and better efficiency.

The Sculpt range combines functionality with art, quality with exquisite design, and invites you to bring the warmth of wood and the world of artisans into your home. Sculpt is proud to be the sole importer of JC Bordelet, Seguin and Axis fireplaces, with exclusive distribution rights, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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