It’s all in the Detail of Your Home

Pay attention to the finer details when it comes to your home.

When it comes to completing your home, there are certain details that will add the perfect finishing touches, taking it from a standard new build or renovation to a bona fide grand design.

Intrim was founded in 1993 by the Quinsey family in Picton, NSW, and has grown to become one of Australia’s leaders in finely crafted, quality timber mouldings, skirtings, architraves and handrails for residential homes and commercial buildings. The company’s customers span all sectors, from business clients such as architects, interior designers, builders and carpenters to residential homeowners who engage trades and DIY renovators.

The product range includes a large selection of timber mouldings and profiles to suit Australian home designs from a wide range of styles and different eras, including Hamptons, French provincial, Edwardian and Georgian, Colonial, Victorian, Modern Contemporary and Art Deco. So what products are available for your home? Skirting boards, skirting blocks, architraves, picture rails, dado rails, chair rails, hand rails, inlay mould for wainscoting, DIY wainscoting kits, timber cornice, sill nosing, corner blocks, wall panelling options such as VJ Board Pro, lining boards, wall battens, and decorative timber mouldings such as concave and half rounds.

Skirting is Intrim’s largest product category. Check out the website where there is plenty of information on how to choose the design, size, shape, profiles (and more) to get the look you are after. Go to the website to find out things like, “Do skirting and architraves have to match?”
The company’s timber mouldings are available in a selection of materials and finishes, from FJ Pine to MDF, in both primed and un-primed options. Primed is usually preferred as machine-primed timber seals all sides and saves a lot of time on site. Intrim’s primed finish is superior to the commodity offerings as it is easier to work with, cutting cleanly without chip-outs, so the tradies love it.

Intrim Details

After some wall panels to really make your interiors shine? Intrim has significantly grown its selection recently. VJ Board Pro is a very popular choice right now and Intrim’s large sheets provide quick and easy installation to get the look. They are available in a range of different lengths up to 5.4m so you won’t have joins or a lot of wastage.

Lining boards give the look of VJ Board Pro but in narrower boards. They have a tongue and groove and clip together. They are perfect for wet areas or places where you want that specific look but the larger panels of VJ Board Pro are not practical. (Both VJ Board Pro and lining boards will give you the same type of appearance and can be run vertically or horizontally on a wall and also as a ceiling lining.)

What about wainscoting? This look is very popular and is being used in many Hamptons homes, in addition to the more traditional-styled residences. The inlay mould choices here and styles of wainscoting allow for some stunning creativity.

Wall battens and timber mouldings have really taken off, with different types and shapes of wall battens and mouldings available to create artwork treatments on walls and furniture facings. This is definitely a growing trend.

Although Intrim is based in Picton, on the outskirts of Sydney, the company has people on the ground in Melbourne and Brisbane and supplies nationwide.

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