Create your Dream Home with Intrim’s new Selections in a Box range


Intrim Mouldings has made selecting your skirting, architraves, and wall panelling to suit your preferred style simple with ‘Selections in a Box’.

Each style box contains samples picked for you by the experts, with our Modern selection boxes just released with more popular styles to make choosing quick & simple. Many types of wall panelling can be used across a number of different styles, with subtle differences in the profile shapes or combinations of mouldings to get the look.

The Modern Selections in a Box range focuses on six modern styles: Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Coastal Modern, Box Modern and Scandi Barn. Each style has one curated collection of timber mouldings to achieve the style, making selecting timber mouldings easy.

So which style is the right fit for you? To make your decision easy it’s best to understand what each style is to help you decide which look you’re after.


Contemporary style refers to the present-day style and is characterised by modern, sleek and minimalist design featuring sharp lines and simple geometric shapes. An open floor plan and efficient use of space are key design features with the décor minimal. In terms of colour, there is a focus on neutral tones including white, black, and grey contrasted with bold bright colours.

Intrim Cavetto Wall LB43, Bison Art & Bresic Whitney
Intrim Cavetto Wall LB43, Bison Art & Bresic Whitney

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern emerged in the United States between the 1940s and 1960s. This style is characterised by clean lines and modern materials including steel, concrete and glass. Large windows, flat or low-pitched roofs and an open floor plan combined with natural materials like wood and stone are also often incorporated into the design aesthetic.

Intrim SK498 skirting board, CR19 chair rail and IN16 inlay mould, Marisa Alexis Interiors, Tim Pascoe
Intrim SK498 skirting board, CR19 chair rail and IN16 inlay mould, Marisa Alexis Interiors, Tim Pascoe

Art Deco

Art Deco originated in the 1920’s France gaining popularity and followed the popular art nouveau movement throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Hollywood truly embraced it and is characterised by bold, geometric shapes and rich materials such as chrome, glass and mirrors. With bold patterns, highly contrasting colours and with a focus on glamourous living Art Deco is a combination of traditional luxury and elements of modernism that create a timeless design style.

Intrim CR99 chair rail and SK86 skirting board
Intrim CR99 chair rail and SK86 skirting board

Coastal Modern

Coastal Modern is a combination of coastal vibes and modern design. Characterized by clean lines, soft, relaxing coastal colours, open spaces and natural materials it’s a style loved widely by Australians. Natural light, wood furnishings and blues and greens inspired by the sea add a breezy touch that perfectly wraps up this relaxed style.

Intrim CC50 Concave, King Homes
Intrim CC50 Concave, King Homes

Box Modern

Box Modern is a style of home characterised by box-like structures, sharp, geometric shapes, open-plan living and minimalistic design. Multi-purpose spaces and built-in storage are all interior staples in a Box Modern home focusing on functional design above all else. In terms of colour, neutral shades and materials like metal and glass are common components that finish off this sleek, sometimes industrial look.

Intrim SK399 skirting board, Binet Homes
Intrim SK399 skirting board, Binet Homes

Scandi Barn

The Scandi Barn style is inspired by traditional Scandinavian barns and farmhouses. Featuring gabled roofs with a steep pitch Scandi Barn homes often have an open floor plan with exposed beams and lofty ceilings. This style focuses on creating a warm environment by incorporating natural materials such as leather, wood and stone throughout the interior. In terms of colour Scandi Barn design usually incorporates neutral shades with white or light-coloured walls and natural wood accents.

Intrim SK23 skirting board, The Coastal Barn Dream Home, Villastyling
Intrim SK23 skirting board, The Coastal Barn Dream Home, Villastyling

Once you have decided on a style here are the 6 steps to create your dream home:

  1. Select your preferred curated collection within that style.
  2. Order samples to confirm your moulding selection.
  3. Select your profile sizes and layout.
  4. Determine which rooms to add Wainscoting or wall panelling to, and the layout of the panelling.
  5. Advise your builder of your selection. They will do the pricing directly with Intrim.
  6. Watch your dream home or renovation take shape as your Selections in a box choices create your spectacular interior.

Making Interiors Spectacular is what drives the team at Intrim, so visit the website at to explore the styles, project inspirations and order your selections on a box. Ask your builder for Intrim or explore the preferred installers on the Intrim website.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Jenny Brown, Head of Marketing on 0414 882 982 or email

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