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This glass is now delivering uninterrupted views, year-round, thanks to the easy-clean, non-stick benefits of EnduroShield.

With a view like that, you’d be wanting to ensure all those glass panels stay crystal clear for maximum enjoyment with minimal effort. Hard to reach and difficult to maintain glass areas are no longer an issue when protected with EnduroShield.

After completing projects in London and Sydney, seasoned renovator, Michelle Wharton is currently creating her Burleigh Heads dream home on the Gold Coast, before moving on to a duplex knockdown/rebuild in Miami, all with an energetic toddler in tow.

While creating her own version of the Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living, Michelle has chosen EnduroShield as the finishing touch for her exquisite infinity pool and alfresco area framed by that stunning gable window.

The Kinfolk aesthetic is characterised by a distinctly modern minimalism; light-filled spaces with white walls accented by earth-tone textiles, and hardwood floors and furniture. The homes themselves are impressive and skilfully decorated, crafted by creative professionals with young children whose living spaces are designed under the theme of “slow living”.

How do you pair high maintenance surfaces such as glass which is notoriously difficult to keep clean with slow living? Enter EnduroShield. EnduroShield keeps glass cleaner for longer, significantly reducing cleaning time and frequency.

“We had EnduroShield applied to our frameless glass fence today and the results are amazing! It will keep them looking brand new for years to come.”

Untreated glass surfaces are porous and absorb contaminants, resulting in glass that can quickly become etched and hazy without an intensive cleaning regime. Pool chemicals, chlorine and general air pollutants can also discolour glass, making it costly to maintain.

With EnduroShield, standard glass is transformed into an easy clean, non-stick surface which remains water and oil repellent, and is backed by a true performance warranty. EnduroShield can be applied to new or existing, indoor, and outdoor glass surfaces.

“We changed the roof line to let more light filter in, and swapped the fixed windows for cavity sliders to make our own version of the Kinfolk Home… Looking at the living room through to the pool deck – we love how this space turned out. The gable window was what the whole renovation was set around; opening the house up and letting the outdoors in!”

This home definitely prescribes itself to the Kinfolk design aesthetic, which is established right at the front door. A white-out with accents of natural stone and light timber, the view from the entry way draws the eye directly through to the striking window wall overlooking a spectacular infinity pool with breathtaking bush and city views.

The magnificence of a feature such as this relies on clean, clear glass. Dirt, grime and staining would undoubtedly detract from the stunning design and impressive views. EnduroShield is the smart choice to reduce maintenance costs and deliver an effective clean, every time.

“On a clear sunny day, you can see all the way to Stradbroke Island… It’s made a big difference to our pool fence. Great product you have,” says Michelle of the EnduroShield coating protecting her glass.

For more information on how EnduroShield’s long lasting protection transforms glass into low maintenance, easy-clean surfaces contact us today.

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