Workout Equipment

Workout Equipment for the Modern Grand Designs Home


In the modern curated home, workout equipment might stick out like the proverbial ‘sore thumb’, and bring down its design credentials.

In order to rectify this, Technogym has come up with beautifully designed home gym equipment that seamlessly fits in with our considered floor plans. Technogym has the capacity- in the same way that beautifully crafted furniture does – to elevate a given space and fit in seamlessly with its surroundings. 

Just as Covid has impacted the way in which we now approach working from home, it has also changed how we manage our fitness. Today, more people are opting to ‘bring the gym home’ to meet their fitness needs, as well as creating their own wellness spaces for health and relaxation. This enables us to have control over our own fitness regime and to pursue a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of our own home. 

Technogym’s equipment has been at the forefront in the creation of tailoring wellness spaces to adapt to the varying demands of everyday life. So as well as offering a means for physical workout, it also must have the ability to create a space for mental well-being. In stressful times, we all need to be able to disconnect from the outside world and find balance and joy. 

As more people now work from home than at any other point in our history, a sense of freedom and autonomy has emerged. Technogym gives people the capacity to disconnect from work and life’s stresses, whilst continuing to engage in healthy activity. Technogym’s philosophy is to combine great design and an attention to detail that will complement any interior, while still creating a space that will enable the physical, mental and aesthetic needs to be met.

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