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Fold Out Furniture specialises in quality furniture that can do more than one thing – it transforms from one function to another to allow the most flexible use of space.

For example a Wallbed with a study desk can transform become a full queen size bed – so a home office can become a guest suite. A slim console table at the side of the room can extend out to seat 12 people for a dinner party/family celebration.

Fold Out Furniture’s products combine the best of Italian design with clever engineering and original Italian mechanisms, developed with years of finessing to make European lifestyles more comfortable.

Stunning Fold Out Furniture Couch in Loungeroom

Through this, FOF allow people to redefine their use of space each day by providing flexible furniture solutions.

The transformability of the products allows people to rethink their space and not see it as static. Most of us don’t have 12 people to dinner every day, so why fill a room up with a 12 seater table all the time?

We may have guests come to stay 6 times a year- why keep a room full of a bed just for those 6 visits when it could also be a hobby room, a home office, or a quiet space for relaxation or room for exercise workouts?

Stunning Living Room Setup

As people are downsizing, or choosing to live in smaller homes, or keep within realistic real estate budgets, there is even more need to think about our home spaces in more creative ways.

The SLIMMY console is barely 18 cm deep – allowing it to fit in the space behind a door, and then it comes out to seat 6-8 people for meals.

Fold Out Furniture Innovation

Two clients come to mind who have purchased this table and demonstrate their desire for such flexibility – a young couple with a young son who wanted the maximum space available in their living space for their son to play and move without constraints of heavy furniture.

Another young couple love to dance and needed space to practice their routines in their unit. The Slimmy was perfect for them – easy enough to lift right out of the way, and functional enough for daily meals and dinner parties.

FOF’s other magical product in the CUBIX – literally a cube that is a stool on casters in its own right, and then can reveal 4 chairs with backs, from within it. A perfect seating solution.

Extendable Kitchen Table

As many of the wall-beds and transformable tables are new to the Australian Market, FOF likes to spend time with its clients to understand their current space; what their needs are, and what they would like to achieve in that space. FOF can then look at a range of solutions to match budgets, tastes and the functional needs of their space/s.

Fold Out Furniture also work with commercial properties; hotels and the health industry to look at ways to integrate wall-beds into their services to ensure that staff/carers/families have beds that meet OH&S standards, without taking up precious spaces.

Fold Out Furniture have been retailing our wall-beds for 7 years and introduced the Italian tables 2 years ago, so it feels proud to stand by the original products it imports- honouring the original designers and families who produce these in Italy. FOF also retails an Australian manufactured wall-bed range. Their desire is to make wall-beds available across a range of budgets and to suit a wide range of decors.

Quality Designed Furniture

Fold Out Furniture are also very excited to introduce their new range where they are integrating Italian mechanisms with local cabinetry. FOF has done this in response to the local demands for cabinetry that can integrate with other joinery, and providing products in a shorter time frame.

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