Momo Premium

Designed with Luxury in Mind


Class Act – Momo Premium brings together a high-end collection of cabinet handles designed both in-house and by top international designers.

The astute Momo Premium product range that is wowing the design and building industry with its good looks and sleek, unforgettable designs. The superior product range is diverse and offers exclusive designs that are varied to suit a wide array of home and commercial applications and styles.


Designed with luxury in mind, the meticulously selected and crafted premium collection complements interior design schemes and furniture where only the finest designs and materials will suffice. The look, feel and functionality are intrinsic to the Momo brand.

There’s a varied selection of on-trend styles, sizes and finishes to offer diversity that will suit a wide variety of cabinetry and interior styles. One signature range, The Belgravia, is crafted from lustrous solid brass and is available in three striking finishes.


The Momo Premium range is exclusive to Momo Handles and distributed by Furnware Group.

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