Innovative Material

New Innovative Material Created in South Coast Home Renovation


Australian-owned Nover is pleased to supply FENIX®, the innovative material created for interior design by Arpa Industriale.

Suited to both horizontal and vertical applications across a range of home, office and commercial spaces, FENIX® boasts many impressive properties, including its ability to thermally heal from micro-scratches.

Created via processes that include multi-layer coating, the use of nanoparticles and curing acrylic resins with an electron beam, the surface of FENIX® is scattered with a dense grid of crosspolymers that retain memory. In the event of small scratches, heat can reactivate this memory, enabling the surface to reacquire its original appearance.

This advanced composition also means FENIX® has low-light reflectivity across its range of colours, providing a gorgeous opaque matt finish that’s soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint too. It’s also incredibly easy to clean, as dust and water slide off the non-porous surface, making it suitable for food contact as it’s hygienic, mould-resistant and waterproof.

These qualities made FENIX® the obvious choice in this South Coast home renovation, where durability and function were important to the homeowners.

FENIX® panels harmoniously sit beside natural textures of timber and concrete, creating a stylish and functional space for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

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