11 statement wall murals perfect for every home

Ethnic Pattern Wall Mural
11 statement wall murals perfect for every home
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Why settle for monotonous wallpaper, when stunning wall murals are in the picture!

What is a wall mural, you ask? Well it’s essentially wallpaper, but involves a stunning, statement artwork instead of a repetitive pattern. Wall murals are a great option to look into if you want to incorporate a pop of colour to your home without having to deal with the mess of paint – it can be integrated into the home’s existing decor, or placed on a solitary wall as a statement artwork.

Feeling inspired? We’ve sourced 11 spectacular wall murals, perfect for every home.

  1. Chameleon – Wall Mural, pixersize.com

PIXERS Chameleon Wall Mural

2. Complex Graffiti Wall Mural, muralswallpaper.co.uk

 MuralsWallpaper_1604995_Complex Graffiti Wall Mural

3. Orange & Gold Wall Mural, pixersize.com

Orange & Gold wall mural

4. Ethnic Pattern Wall Mural, pixersize.com

Ethnic Pattern Wall Mural

5. Japanese Landscape Wall Mural, pixersize.com

Light orange leather sofa in fresh contemporary style interior

6. Colourful Building Blocks Wall Mural, muralswallpaper.co.uk

6. MuralsWallpaper_1604990_ColourfulBuildingBlocksWal.jpg

7. Pop Art Woman Wall Mural, muralswallpaper.co.uk

7. MuralsWallpaper_1605379_PopArtWomanWallMural.jpg

8. Marble & Glitter Geometric Wall Mural, muralswallpaper.co.uk

Marble Glitter Geometric Wall Mural

9. Hua Trees Wall Mural Grey, sianzeng.com

Hua Trees Wall Mural

10. Vintage Moroccan Tiles Wall Mural, pixersize.com

Vintage Moroccan Tiles Wall Mural

11. Botany In Living Room Wall Mural, pixersize.com

Botany in living room Wall Mural

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