Product spotlight: Soho battery-powered fireplace

Product spotlight: Soho battery-powered fireplace
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Redefine the way you think about fireplaces — where they should be located and how they should look.  


The small, square shape and shallow depth of Soho allows for creative installations as big as your imagination. The clean design merges simplicity and elegance.

Define your fire with a black, brushed stainless-steel or glass façade. Modern black onyx, multi-coloured pebbles or crushed glass allow you to combine art and fire to accent your décor. Reflective panels offer unsurpassed ambience and style.

No power is required for The Soho with its battery-powered Intellifire Ignition System. Being a balanced flue, the Soho is a completely sealed system, drawing 100 per cent of combustion air from the outdoors and exhausting all combustion by-products back outside, with no effect on indoor air quality. In addition, cold air drafts are eliminated and heat output is maximised. No electricity, power venting or fan is required to operate, eliminating the need for a conventional chimney and allowing for installation in nearly any room of the home.

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