Real interior: The Big Apple meets Paris

Real interior: The Big Apple meets Paris


What happens when two of the world’s most stylish cities combine in one interior? Pure genius

For a Spanish family living in Paris, a quintessentially Parisian apartment formed the brief for their head designer Stephanie Coutas. Situated in the heart of Paris on the Avenue de New York, the space is full of the minimalist design aesthetic France is famed for, along with subtle tributes to the city the avenue is named after. Keep your eyes peeled for the ornamental apples representing the city that never sleeps.

With views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, you’d be forgiven for never wanting to leave this three-bedroom

A master bedroom is a reprieve from the rest of the house, and is all things comfort, warmth and happiness
apartment. Its superb quality is obvious — starting with the marble floor that begins at the front door and extends throughout the foyer.

Lined with a black geometric pattern, the marble exudes glamour and a sense of richness, leading guests into the open-plan living area of the home. “I designed the marble pattern on the floor with the idea of the Eiffel Tower construction in mind, and I think it works,” says Stephanie.

Although space is not at a premium in this apartment, the fluid nature of the kitchen, dining room and living room offers the illusion of spaciousness. Surprisingly, the kitchen is a reprieve from the apartment’s luxe entry. With its timber floors and neutral palette, colour is introduced to the space through accessories — like the straw-coloured chairs that surround the table. But not all Parisian glamour is lost in the kitchen, a black and gold chandelier still reminds you French chic is top priority in this home.

A slightly moodier colour palette is present in the lounge room, introducing charcoal, red and black into the space, establishing a feeling of warmth and comfort. In the lounge room, a separate area with two armchairs is present for those who are more interested in chatting than watching television.

The white bathroom is a standout feature of this home. A separate enclosed shower with striped marble flooring stands proud alongside a freestanding bath and tap. The counter top features matching marble to the shower, creating a cohesive feeling with a minimalist and simple aesthetic. Although the space appears basic, the necessities are present, with a stainless-steel towel rack conveniently located between the shower and bath along with storage underneath the twin basins.

The guest bathroom is a completely different affair. Linear in style, a tiny basin ensures the space is properly balanced — a clever way to make it appear bigger. Black marble continues the monochrome palette as well as the rectangular pendant and matching mirror. Geometry rules in this bathroom in the best way — a great example of calculated design.

A master bedroom is a reprieve from the rest of the house, and is all things comfort, warmth and happiness. The introduction of yellow echoes the gold accents throughout and an art piece combining grey, black and yellow ties in perfectly with the bed’s accessories. A feature wall of leather is a plush and opulent addition to the room that contrasts nicely against the dark timber wardrobe. White is also present through curtains and a fluffy little statement piece with contrasting wooden legs.

Full of complementing colours and rich materials, this apartment represents Stephanie Coutas’ signature style, which revolves around plush elements, elegant materials and a warming atmosphere for a family to bask in.