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Make an entrance with Australian-made premium-quality sandstone gate pillars

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How you fence your front garden is not just about keeping people out or pets and children in. Chosen well, a front fence and gate will frame and enhance your home. For those who want a stylish and secure option, CastStone’s sandstone gate pillars are the perfect solution.
CastStone specialises in the manufacture and installation of sandstone gate pillars, sandstone columns and other architectural embellishments. There are 10 series in the pillar range, each offering a different style of base, shaft and capital design so you can create the height and width you want and tailor the look of the fence to your individual requirements. Pillars range from contemporary designs to more traditional styles.

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The CastStone range of columns offers a similarly wide choice. For a classic look, there are Doric, Corinthian and Ionic columns, but they have contemporary styles too. CastStone columns will enhance any outdoor area, such as verandahs and outdoor kitchens, or add flair to any outdoor structure, such as arbours, rotundas and pergolas, and they are either fluted or smooth in finish.


CastStone pillars and columns give structure to your home and garden and they add focal points, creating a landscape that “pops”. Although CastStone’s main products are gate pillars and columns, the company also manufactures an extensive range of plinth walls, mail boxes, capping, pyramids, balustrades, pedestals, memorial stones and architectural embellishments in a wide range of styles.


Products are tailored to suit your needs. As an example, a plinth wall can be manufactured so that the stone inserts can be applied to match the front of your home, or you can choose from the varied range of finishes to ensure your mail box fittings precisely match your fence or the exterior of your home — or you might want to personalise your mail box with an address plate.

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CastStone provides products and expertise for housing estates, retirement villages, bowling greens, parks, residential gardens, pool houses, memorial arches, arbours and more. The company has also been involved in many restoration projects, helping to ensure an authentic result.


All products are Australian made at the company’s South Australian factory and can be freighted anywhere around the country.

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Originally from Outdoor Design Living, edition 31

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