heat & cook

Scandia’s Heat & Cook – The Ultimate Off The Grid Combo


Whether it’s baking a wood-fired pizza out on the deck on a sunny autumn Sunday, or the primary source of heat for your small-mid-sized home, Scandia’s ‘Heat & Cook’ wood-burning fireplace and cooking appliance is the perfect off-the-grid solution for both heating and cooking.

As diverse as it is functional, the Scandia ‘Heat & Cook’ is a robust, fire-based appliance that features cast iron doors, an extra-large cooktop and a barker’s oven that can handle everything from breads, to pies, to lasagnes, to pizzas!

Add an amazing work burner due to the stove top’s removable plates, an optional ‘hot water jacket’ for ready-at-the-wait hot water and multiple vents to control the airflow and subsequent oven temperature and you’ll find yourself cooking long-simmer stews, roasts, soups and anything your imagination can come up with, all while heating your home!

At Scandia, they know how to tame fire and are experts in designing wood fires and stoves that thrive in Australian conditions. Scania’s world-class design and commitment to quality is inspired by Scandinavian cultural values and the craftsmanship for which they are renowned. These same values resonate through the organisation, instilling a passion for designing great quality, affordable wood fires – a family tradition that has lasted more than 70 years.

Available exclusively from Bunnings, the Scandia ‘Heat & Cook’ features:

  • A Large Baking Oven
  • An Extra Large Cooktop
  • Temperature Controlled Cooking
  • Removable Hotplates (Open Flame Burner)
  • Optional Hot Water Jacket
  • Premium Fire Proof Glass w/Clearview Glass Air Wash System
  • Maximum Overnight Burn Times
  • A Large, Brick & Steel-Lined Firebox
  • High Temperature Metallic Black Finish
  • A 10-Year Firebox Warranty


For more information: https://scandiastoves.com.au/products/outdoor-living/heat_and_cook/heat-cook-2/