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European Flair: Style and Comfort From Beyond our Borders


Established in 2010, the Euro Fireplaces team make their home in Mansfield, Victoria, just below the snowfields of Mount Buller.

Euro Fireplaces was created when its director, who hails from Austria himself, wanted to install a fireplace in his home. After struggling to find a fireplace like those he’d experienced in Europe, he decided to bring the leading wood and pellet heating
technology to Australia. What began as a single owner-operated shop has expanded to three
shopfronts and a network of over 30 stockists all the way from Hobart to Brisbane.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, Euro Fireplaces’ freestanding, inbuilt and pellet heaters are optimised for both Australian wood and heating conditions. Most models operate using a combination of natural convection and radiant heat, alongside a heat bank and fresh air intake. This system ensures a long-lasting heat that keeps you cosy long after the fire has burned out, while also keeping the air fresh. Euro Fireplaces’ new line of inbuilt heaters, from Bavarian manufacturer Brunner, make installation a breeze with the exclusive BSK kit system.

Prefabricated refractory concrete enclosure kits go together in an afternoon, look amazing and hold heat for hours after the fire has gone out. The BSK kit can be burnished with Carnauba wax, clad in stone or cement sheet, tiled or left raw to fit in with any décor.

Austrian manufacturer Haas and Sohn also offer top-of-the-range pellet heaters through Euro Fireplaces. These units allow a high degree of control and ambience while still prioritising safety. Combining the style and feel of a wood heater with the convenience of a split system heater, these units offer fully automatic temperature control and an integrated room sensor, along with optional Wi-Fi that enables you to control the heater from your phone.

Unlike split system or central heating, the radiant heat emitting from the unit itself creates a cosy atmosphere in the heart of your home, without the mess or stress of firewood. Constantly evolving to utilise the very latest in wood heating technology, a Euro Fireplace heater burns clean and efficient using minimal fuel. In fact, Euro Fireplaces’ heaters can reduce your wood usage by up to 60 per cent. So, what are you waiting for?

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Originally featured in Winter Warmth Vol. 11