A Smart Home Solution with AirTouch and Zimi


Complete the way you live with AirTouch and Zimi – A Smarter Home.

AirTouch and Zimi merge comfort and energy savings with smart home integration and style, to help make home automation an affordable luxury for everyone in every house. With AirTouch and Zimi, you can manage your entire dwelling by voice, your phone, or the Smart AirTouch console on your wall.

Smart Control for Everywhere in your Home

Control anything from air conditioning to lighting, power and your garage door from the wall console, your smartphone or by voice.

With the latest update to integrate with Zimi, AirTouch offers smart control for almost anything, anywhere around your home with smart lighting, ceiling fan controllers, power points, garage doors and other multi-purpose switches.

Zimi is easily expandable

Start with just a few components, add more as needed or get total convenience with a complete ecosystem.

A key advantage of AirTouch with Zimi for smart home control is greater reliability with Zimi’s mesh network technology. Zimi components send and receive messages from each other. Each device plays a role, with more linked devices providing network reliability and a quicker response, improving the experience for you.

AirTouch and Zimi

Imagine the Convenience of an all in 1 Home Automation system

With the familiarity of traditional devices and the ease of smart device and voice control, you’ll quickly become accustomed to the convenience. Schedule a timer to heat the towels at 6am. Never forget with timers & Schedules pre-set a timer to turn it on or off automatically.

Switch it Up or Dim it Down with Smart Lighting: Smart light Switches

Adjust light levels, track energy, set timers and more from the wall switch, AirTouch Console, your smartphone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Make your lights smart with the Zimi Dimmable Light Switches. The Zimi Dimmable Light Switch is a wall switch that makes your existing lights smart so there is no need to upgrade to expensive smart bulbs.

Plus, everyone including guests in your home can have more control with a switch, as you don’t need to always reach for your smartphone.

Simply swap them over. Suits any home

No special installation or wiring needed. Your electrician simply replaces the existing light switches with the Zimi dimmable light switches. It just takes a few minutes to switch your home on to a new world of lighting possibilities.

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