Taking Recycled Innovations to New Heights


Due to overwhelming popularity the Deserts + Forests Collections take recycled innovations to new heights.

Made from 100% Recycled Polyester – each metre of fabric contains 57 of litre plastic bottles that have been recycled and prevented from entering landfill. Each collection contains one solid drapery coordinating with three sheer fabrics across 5 different colourways inspired by the earth.

The sheer and solid line up offers endless options for blending and sculpting in your home, to create unique and sustainably orientated interiors.

Deserts + Forests Collections have been tested a Fire Retardant AS/NZS1530.2 &3.

Recycled polyester fabrics

Using recycled plastic, recycled polyester fabrics are a great choice for lower impact window furnishings.

Offering excellent fabric performance, with a smaller environmental footprint, it’s worth exploring our range of recycled polyester fabrics in on-trend colours.

For Curtains, these include beautiful linen-look fabrics and heavier block-out fabrics. So whether you’d like soft diffused light during the day or total blockout, there’s a recycled polyester fabric to suit. Best of all, for every window you choose to furnish in this fabric (based on average window size), you’re helping to remove 400 plastic bottles from the environment.

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The Rejuvenate collection is also popular featuring an abundance of sophisticated attributes. Rejuvenate represents 320cm of environmentally conscious luxury. Made out of recycled Polyester, each meter of Rejuvenate fabric contains 81 one litre plastic bottles that have been recycled and prevented from entering landfill.

Boasting an on-trend colourline of warm and cool neutrals that represent the many shades that take form in our envirnoment, Rejuvenate offers subtle texture with a hint of personality for any interior aesthetic.

Other ways to make eco-friendly window covering choices

We mentioned earlier, but choosing a quality window covering that will last long-term is one of the best decisions you can make. Getting the longest lifespan out of your window coverings, reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and resources needed to make new window coverings.

It’s reassuring to know that our window treatments are made from the highest quality materials and most of our products, such as our Cellular Blinds, are Australian made and owned.

Also, selecting window coverings that offer superior energy efficiency will reduce the need for heating and cooling. Cellular Blinds in particular offer excellent thermal benefits as they have smaller light gaps and their unique honeycomb shape reduces heat transfer through windows. Using Window Awnings to keep heat and solar rays out is another excellent way to keep your home cooler in summer.

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