2021 and Beyond: Design Trends Worth Embracing


Fire and flames are natural, stylish and romantic. A fireplace brings people together – at Real Flame South, we are committed to supplying fireplaces that create a meeting point for family and friends.

We have a huge range of fireplaces for all types of families from suburban homes to penthouse apartments and everything in between, there’s a Real Flame fireplace to make each one the perfect place to relax.

Choosing a fireplace can be overwhelming especially if it co-insides with a renovation. We spoke to Catherine De Meur Interiors (https://catherinedemeurinteriors.com.au) about what influences and trends are worth paying attention to when planning a renovation. Here’s what they have to say:

Credit: Catherine De Meur Interiors

2021 and beyond: design trends worth embracing

2021 continues to throw us curve balls, so it is within the four walls of our homes that many of us are seeking solace. Crafting a space which brings us comfort and reflects our character has never felt so important, nor so attainable (hello, lockdown!).

Every designer worth their salt will tell you they don’t follow trends. This is sound advice – some trends don’t last long and often don’t reflect who you really are. BUT…good interior designers can see the difference between a fad and a genuine trend which will stand the test of time and reflect your personal style. Here are our top picks for current design trends that are worth embracing.

  1. Sustainability

So many of us are becoming aware of our impact on the planet and incorporating that consciousness into home design. From thermally sound materials, wood from sustainable sources, recycled products and carbon-conscious suppliers. The great news is that building and renovating sustainably is becoming more attainable, with green credentials becoming more mainstream.

  1. Australian-made

An unexpected upside of Covid has been the sharp increase in demand for home-grown products. Homeowners are seeing the superior quality and detailing in Australian-made goods, including furniture, lighting, textiles, fixtures and fittings.

  1. A healthy home

Wellness is a trend that has embedded itself into our everyday lives, including our homes. We’re seeing an increase in design that imbues a sense of calm and clarity into the home. Whether it’s a soothing colour palette, better flow, use of natural materials or lighting choices, there are so many ways that simple design choices can contribute to our happiness and health.

  1. Colour confidence

Whilst the soothing neutral palette continues to play a big part in our homes, we’re seeing pops of warm colour to liven up spaces and provide a feeling of calm and security. Think pale pinks, dusty blues and rich greens.

  1. Embracing curves

Curves are here to stay for good reason. Their organic flow provides comfort and calm – from elliptical bathtubs, curved shower screens and vanities, curved furniture and lighting, natural shapes reflect our need for sanctuary in the home.

  1. Going green

A trend we’re hoping never dies, greenery in the home is a must. With many of us spending so much more time indoors, in apartments or urban areas with limited green space, the concept of offsetting the presence of technology with plants is appealing. We’re seeing the incorporation of living walls, clusters of small, varied plants, greenery in office zones and plants as food.


Real Flame South has a long history of working with interior designers and architects to bring your dream home into reality. For fireplace enquires contact us at fireplace@realflamesouth.com.au and for interior design enquires contact info@catherinedemeurinteriors.com.au

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