Modern Electric Fireplaces

The Benefits of Modern Electric Fireplaces


With their realistic flame effects and advanced features, modern electric fireplaces have become a true alternative to wood and gas fireplaces.

In the past, electric fireplaces gained a reputation for being less authentic, less powerful and unable to produce a beautiful flame when compared to more conventional fireplace solutions. However, electric flame technology has evolved and many of those old perceptions no longer hold true.

Nowadays, electric fireplaces are leading the way in terms of visual graphics, design and heating technology, resulting in a lower-cost, green, functional and stylish option when wood and gas fireplaces are not suitable. Today, there is a range of high-quality models that have realistic-looking flames created by a reflector or rotisserie that reflects light from an LED (light-emitting diode) strip.

In addition to advanced flame effects, modern electric fireplaces also offer a
variety of profiles, designs and installation options, ranging from freestanding (requiring no installation at all) to wall-mounted models. Leading solutions incorporate innovative features such as enhanced sensory elements (such as devices that emit the sound of a crackling fire), motion-sensing technology that detects room movement, and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating technology.

Modern Electric Fireplaces

So why specify an electric fireplace? There are myriad reasons, but perhaps most importantly, electric fireplaces don’t rely on combustibles to produce flame, so there are no risks associated with oxygen depletion, smoke or indoor air quality. This also means it’s a much greener option as they don’t contribute to carbon emissions. Modern electric fireplaces are also easy to install, most being “plug and play”. This is advantageous for new builds or renovations in which there is no gas connection, or where running flue systems would be impractical. Occupants can enjoy the benefits of flame without any of the cost or hassle associated with the installation of flues or other complicated structures.

The latest in electric flame innovation from Real Flame, Vivente is the future of electric fires. With a choice of 750mm, 1000mm and 1500mm widths, the product is sized to suit a range of applications, from small apartments to grand entertaining areas. The clever design enables the choice of creating a one-, two- or three-sided configuration when the product is being installed, while anti-reflective glass avoids unwanted reflections impacting the stunning flame effect.
It is the Revillusion™ flame effect that truly sets Vivente apart; by removing the central mirror seen in traditional electric fires, Revillusion™ increases the visible depth of the firebox and allows the firebox lining to be changed to suit your interior design theme. There are four finish options included as standard: ribbed, tiled, stacked stone and plain black. You can even customise your own panel to suit.

Vivente’s unrivalled features include SmartSense motion-sensing technology, heating, and a multitude of flame colour and sensory options such as the crackle of a real
fire. These settings can be controlled either with the on-board controls, the remote control, or the Flame Connect app (available for Android and iOS).

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