The Hemp Revolution


Saving time, money, and the environment.

Hemp is perhaps our most versatile and valuable resource. A fast-growing crop that requires no pesticides and herbicides, hemp provides everything from building materials to health food and luxury textiles.

One of the most exciting innovations in hemp is hempcrete, a completely natural mix of hemp, lime and water. This high performing, zero-carbon building material provides a sustainable, durable alternative to bricks and concrete.

HempBLOCK Australia director, Johan Tijssen has played a key role in the development of the hemp building industry in Australia for over a decade. “HempBLOCK is a revolutionary wall product suitable for any building type,” he says.

Johan Tijssen holding a HempBLOCK

“We are proud to sell Australia’s first load-bearing hempcrete block system that outperforms traditional building materials in both performance and value for money,” he says.


Hemp has many advantages as building material:

Benefits of Hemp

Johan sees hemp as a revolutionary crop with enormous health benefits for people and the environment. “We support the whole hemp industry in Australia by working with the farmers who supply hemp to companies ranging from high quality fabric supplies like Hemp Gallery to producers of animal bedding and HempBLOCK’s,” he explains.

Gin Gin, a 100% raw hemp mid-weight canvas. The word canvas comes from the latin botanical name for cannabis. The first hemp canvas was grown and woven in Parramatta NSW in 1803

Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin of Hemp Gallery Australia could not agree more. “While our vision at Hemp Gallery Australia is to create luxurious textiles and textile products from Australian grown lustrous hemp, more than 35,000 products can be created from quick-growing hemp, ranging from building materials, plastics, fuel, food, paper and textiles,” she says.

Locally and lovingly made of undyed, hypoallergenic 100% pure hemp ensuring a good nights sleep and a level of comfort that only improves with age.

“Lauded for its environmentally-friendly properties, the hemp crop needs no pesticides and chemicals in farming and processing, has superior oxygen production and carbon sequestration rate”.

Hemp Gallery Australia specialises in Australian made bedlinen, curtains and a range of hemp fabrics.

St James Whitting Design ‘Wild Flowers’ digitally printed in Australia on hemp and organic cotton blend fabric.

Their bespoke wholesale and retail goods work well with companies like HempBLOCK to make the world a better place – one hemp product at a time.”

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