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What sets Big Ass Fans apart from the rest is its in-depth product knowledge from design through to application, and its experience across residential, commercial as well as industrial projects.

The company started in 1999 with a big idea in engineering — that the combination of size and quality design could fundamentally change what ceiling fans could accomplish, and that high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) airflow was the key to making spaces more comfortable and efficient. It didn’t take long for people in the industry to notice, so what began as the HVLS Fan Company was quickly rebranded as upstart innovator Big Ass Fans.

This insight into projects big and small, and down to the level of product engineering, gives the company an enhanced understanding of airflow products and how to get maximum impact. In fact, Big Ass Fans goes to extraordinary lengths to create energy-efficient products. It’s why businesses all around the world use their fans to cut heating and cooling costs by up to 30 per cent, and why designers rely on their ENERGY STAR®-rated ceiling fan models to meet the growing demand for sustainable, LEED-certified projects. The right ceiling fan used in conjunction with an air-conditioning system can make a huge difference.

When it comes to making the best ceiling fans, Big Ass Fans gets it right the first time. Handcrafted with premium materials and engineered with cutting-edge smart home technology, Haiku represents the pinnacle in style and innovation for ceiling fans. One of the most popular products in the Big Ass Fans range, more than 75 international awards attest to Haiku’s quality, while its world-leading efficiency makes it the perfect choice for energy-conscious homeowners.

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From long-lasting finishes that won’t fade to best-in-class energy-efficient motors, every Haiku fan is the result of unparalleled dedication to quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

A powerful combination of design and performance, Haiku I is the original smart ceiling fan. The built-in smart home technology monitors the home environment with temperature and motion sensors. From the Haiku mobile app, users set their ideal comfort preferences and let their Haiku do the rest for easy comfort. In addition, you can control the fan with a remote, through the Big Ass Fans app, or simply by telling Alexa or your Google Assistant.

The Haiku is where performance meets good looks. With the Haiku, you can be assured of timeless style that will still look fabulous in years to come, in a range of colour choices to suit your design aesthetic. Using sustainably harvested materials, Cocoa Bamboo and Caramel Bamboo reveal beautiful wood grain, there’s timeless White and stylish Black as well as Driftwood, which suits a coastal theme. Browse all the colours on offer, or mix and match colours in the same fan for a completely unique look.

With a product range that includes HVLS and directional fans, and evaporative cooler, Big Ass Fans can help create comfort anywhere. In Australia, the company has a showroom in Brisbane, and the Haiku ceiling fan range is also on display at Heat & Grill in Melbourne. You can also browse the website and tune into the Big Ass Fans podcast for more information.

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