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Tiles with style: 11 statement tiles perfect for your home


If you’re looking to add a little colour and interest to your home, statement tiles could do the trick.

Whether it be for your kitchen’s splashback, a feature wall in your bathroom or just a section of your home which needs a little colour or texture, tiles are an excellent option to consider.  Here are 11 of our favourite statement tiles, to help you get started with picking the perfect ones for your home.

1. Rhombus ceiling tiles, limelace.co.uk

Tiles: Rhombus times

2. Lente Blues & Red large tiles, danafinnigan.com

Tiles: DanaFinnigan_1666187_LenteBluesRedLrgTiles.jpg3. Metz encaustic tile, in Beige and Black, schots.com.au

Tiles SchotsHomeEmporium_1527651_MetzEncausticTileBeigeB.jpg

4. Viva glazed hand-painted tile, schots.com.au

Tiles SchotsHomeEmporium_1527222_VivaGlazedHandpaintedTi.jpg

5. Victorian Green tile, originalstyle.comTiles OriginalStyle_1548521_OriginalStyleArtworksVictori.jpg

6. Skyros Marble Mosaic tile, schots.com.au

Tiles:  SchotsHomeEmporium_1527542_SkyrosMarbleMosaicTileB.jpg

7. Royal Blue half tile, originalstyle.com

Tiles OriginalStyle_1548510_OriginalStyleArtworksRoyalBl.jpg

8. Victorian Decorative Patchwork tile, originalstyle.com

Tiles  OriginalStyle_1548543_OriginalStyleArtworksVictori.jpg

9.  Artisan Topkapi tile, winchestertiles.com

Tiles  TheWinchesterTileCompany_1008468_TheWinchesterTile.jpg

10. Copper Butterfly tile, winchestertiles.com

Tiles TheWinchesterTileCompany_1030001_TheWinchesterTile.jpg11. Hand-painted Terracotta tile, iansnow.com

Tiles IanSnowLtd_1582328_HandPaintedTerracottaTiles.jpg