Underground wine cellars: why to choose a Spiral Cellar


Spiral Cellars not only provide the right conditions for storing wine – they’re also stylish and energy-effective

There a range of advantages to using an underground cellar to store wine and just as many advantages to using Spiral Cellars. The original Spiral Cellar has been around for 30 years and is the perfect option for those with a budget in mind who also want reliable wine storage.

Specifically, Spiral Cellars are watertight, cylindrical systems that provide the natural cooling, passive ventilation and high humidity required for the proper storage and aging of wine. In our recent interview with Neil Smallman of Signature Cellars, the exclusive installation partner of Spiral Cellars, he revealed the importance of proper and stable temperature for wine storage.

“What wine really needs is a cool, dark and stable environment…Underground cellars provides the best form of insulation and once you get one metre below ground there is very little temperature change from summer to winter,” he said.

Spiral Cellars can be installed in two weeks and use no extra energy to maintain. Better yet, Spiral Cellars take up no extra space in a home, perfect for homes where space is at a premium. To access a Spiral Cellar there are a variety of trap doors available, all of which can tiles, floorboard or even motorised glass door.

A Spiral Cellar can further be installed into an already existing room or incorporated into the build of an extension or new property. A Spiral Cellar not only saves space, but it has an impressive capacity with the White Spiral Cellar able to hold between 1100 to 1800 wine bottles depending on depth.

Beyond being an excellent wine store solution, Spiral Cellars are also stylish and can serve as a stunning feature in a home. There are a variety of attractive options when customising your Spiral Cellar, including LED lighting, luxurious stair treads and timber or glass doors.

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