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The New Black for over 162 years

Based on the island of Mors in Denmark, Morsø Foundry was established in 1853, and has since gone on to produce the finest cast-iron wood burning stoves in the world, with each one being a work of craftsmanship.

Today Morsø has developed into a global design company bringing warmth and comfort to homes around the world, with each fire being specially designed to be a natural, decorative and an aesthetically integrated part of the room.

The quintessential wood-burning stove has always been crafted from cast iron, and Morsø cast-iron stoves are timeless. Traditional. Efficient. Cosy.  When they created their stoves they wanted each unit to be carefully constructed to ensure the stoves durability, so with this in mind Morsø does not  weld their cast-iron stoves (because that would weaken them). Instead they bind them with ceramic string and bolt them together with screws, ensuring the stove has a perfect seal. In addition the cast-ion they use at Morsø is almost twice as thick as the sheet iron some stoves are made from, allowing their wood-burning stoves to retain the heat for longer.

When Morsø developed their stoves they also did so from an eco-friendly point of view. Modern Morsø stoves, if used correctly, are among the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world.

With a heating solution for every home you only need to identify the size and heat output required for your room, and then we can provide you with an array of options to help you find the right fire for your home.

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