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They say three’s a crowd, but not for TomMarkHenry, otherwise known as Jade, Cushla and Chloe

For some, design is not a career but a way of life. And this is exactly the case for three young designers who enjoyed varied backgrounds before coming together to create their budding interiors firm in 2014. After completing university, Jade Nottage, Cushla McFadden and Chloe Matters all dipped their feet in the design pond, working at local interior design and architecture firms in conjunction with jetting off to London, New York and Miami to witness the fruition of high-end residential and commercial projects.

In a fierce industry, it’s essential for a design firm to wear multiple hats and offer clients myriad skills, hence the genius of TomMarkHenry. “We formed our trio to merge a diverse range of disciplines that cover interior design, architecture, planning, sustainability, project management and property development,” says Jade. “Individually, we all bring different styles to the table that are holistically represented throughout our designs.”

With the merging of three creatives comes three unique styles, with each member of TomMarkHenry possessing a signature aesthetic. Chloe is driven by minimal environments that use tones and textures to develop a palette, Cushla is playful, with a heavy value on proportions in space, and Jade calls on classical and retro design elements blended with modern, clean lines. “Together, we harmonise between these principles naturally,” says Jade.

TomMarkHenry already has 21 projects and counting under its belt, and it’s clear the group’s design skills are a hot commodity. Featuring a minimalist focus with attention to detail, it’s a style many desire to emulate in their own homes. “Our work is influenced by being emotionally connected to our spaces where we observe details, places, moments and people within that space,” says Chloe. “We draw inspiration from many sources. Wherever it comes from, it takes us to where we need to go. Bellevue Hill is one of our recent residential projects that demonstrates an aspirational property that’s achievable for everyone. It shows how you can use inexpensive materials in a current and unique way and still appeal to a broad market.”

Gaining traction in the design world, it’s obvious Chloe, Cushla and Jade are three talented designers who are just getting started, making their mark in an industry that’s a feeding frenzy for creatives.

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Written by Annabelle Cloros

Originally from Home Design Volume 18 Issue 6