Your guide to popular interior design

Stylish and popular interior design doesn’t have to be something created by a top notch firm. You can furnish to your own home to suite your tastes whether it’s cottage, retro or even Mediterranean, without the pain of handing over all that money to someone else.

You can take comfort in the fact that Complete Home is here to lay out all the rules and reveal all the tips to help!

Popular interior design has evolved over time. Some elements, pieces and styles are timeless, while others are made to suit certain tastes and particular personalities. Due to all this we have an endless list of popular interior design styles to sift through.

So whether you like clean, simplistic lines or that feeling of a country home, there is a popular interior design style for everyone.

Breaking it down to basics we have uncovered seven main design styles.

The main colour palate in Chic interior design is surrounded by light, gentle shades. Typically associated with washed out colour and white, it is not uncommon to see bright yellow or a whole range of Marie Antoinette blues among the design.

It becomes part of the popular interior design package through its use of both modern and vintage items. By pairing modern furniture with vintage pieces, you can create a look that is elegant and subtly stunning.

Another popular interior design is contemporary style. This gives a clean, sleek look to a room. Much like chic, contemporary uses soft colours, but this can make the design look cold and unwelcoming. We can counteract this by incorporating brighter colours and curvaceous pieces to add that element of comfort. Art pieces are also a major focal point when discovering contemporary design.

If your tastes lean toward something with a bit more flair and flavour, you might want to give your home that continental edge. Asian and Mediterranean styles are both extremely popular interior designs.

Asian style design achieves a look of tranquility through use of simple, clean lines. It’s an extremely versatile art ranging from minimalist – from simple wooden chests, tatami mats and screens – through to the bold and bright – with strong Chinese reds and golds.

When you think of the Mediterranean you envision Spanish mosaics, the terracotta, and the large tables everyone will fit around. Just put those thoughts into your design and you’re done! Using cornflower blue, yellow, reds and a beautifully soft purple can bring the warm feel of the Mediterranean to any room you choose. Pine furniture will set the room ablaze with life.

More often referred to as ‘shabby chic’, the cottage style of design is an eclectic, ‘lived-in’ look that is always comfortable and welcoming. You can achieve this popular interior design look easily with recycled furniture, floral prints, linen fabrics and pale colours. Either tiled or wooden floors make an excellent addition to the room. Bring everything together with hand-painted pieces, a signature motif of the style design.

French has to be the most well known popular interior design style. It’s mainly characterised by the rustic, old-world charm that meshes both formal and informal elements seamlessly. Incorporate the French style by using natural materials such as aged timber. To decorate, think rough-stained, painted plaster walls with blue and white china and crystal pieces throughout.

There is plenty you can do to achieve the next style with it’s use of natural materials and clean, often unusual lines, known as Retro. The ‘cool’ hipster style of the beginning of the century has an emphasis on fun, and often portrays this through contrasting pieces. Bright colours with dark fabrics, solid clocks of colour and even incorporating smooth plastic and crushed velvet have made retro famous.

Traditional interior design focuses more on timelessness than anything else. It shows its beauty through natural tones and textures, often using silks, brocades and leather to achieve this. Patterns can be mismatched for an endearing look. This popular interior design tends to be more formal, and uses pieces from different time periods to give the home a comfortable environment.

Whatever you choose, any style of popular interior design is sure to uplift your home and give it that new life you’ve been looking for.