5 Tips to create your perfect home office interior space


With constant technological innovations syncing our phones, computers, tablets and cameras it is no wonder that working from home is becoming more and more prevalent.

For many this is a dream reality where suits can be left in the cupboard, replaced by our favourite tracksuits and commuting to work is as easy as rolling out of bed.

However, as the lines between the office and home inevitably begin to blur stepping away from the computer and putting down the phone can become difficult. Creating the perfect home office interior space is the best solution to keeping work and home life separate.

Here is the Melbourne Living guide to creating the perfect home office space.

1. Location location

Choosing the right location in your home is the foundation to creating the perfect home office. Too close to the kitchen or entertaining areas will no doubt lead to distraction and hours of procrastination. Ideally a separate room with a door is the best option. This way when you have finished work for the day you can close the office interior door and separate yourself from the working environment.

Office interior

If your home is small try an office that can literally be kept in the closet, or fits into unused nooks around the home.

Home Library


2. Your throne

Working long hours means a lot of sitting so it essential that your chair is comfortable and provides you with some lumber support. Road test a few different options to find out what feels right. The perfect chair should be high enough so that your thighs are parallel to the floor, your arms are perpendicular to the floor and your wrists almost straight.  Everything important such as your mouse, keyboard and phone should be in comfortable reach so that you don’t strain any muscles.

Aj 241 281 Sitting Room Desk And Stairs To Bedrooms
Traditional, quality office chairs offer back support specifically designed for long office sessions

3. Storage

You can never have too much storage! This rings so true when it comes to your home office interior to keep clutter away and important files from being misplaced. Try to utilise the space around you as opposed to plonking everything down on your desk. Try wall mounted stationary holders and mood boards to keep you desk space clutter free!

Mathilda Clahr Leather M Straps Lifestyle
Wall mounting clutter can keep your desk interior space clean while still maintaining a creative aesthetic


Copen Desk 2
Nifty desk storage can keep the surface clutter free and conducive to hard work

4. Keep it Green!

The ‘keep it lean’ office decoration mantra is on it’s way out a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology has found. The researchers compared the environments of  ‘lean’ and ‘green’ offices in the UK and Netherlands, and the workers perceptions of air quality, concentration, workplace satisfaction and productivity. The result showed that adding plants to an office can actually boost productivity by up to 15 per cent. Workers also reported an increased work place satisfaction and  self-reported higher concentration rates. So to make sure you stay happy in your home office interior space and stay productive add some greenery to your home office!

Desk Top Pot «jacqui Turk 3

5. Colour me happy!

Colour can have a great affect on your overall mood and level of productivity. Blue is the winning colour as it stimulates your mind and helps you concentrate for long periods of time. The colour blue is also connected with feelings of trust and security. For a balanced and fresh feel try adding some contrasting bright colours like orange or yellow. This colour will warm up the otherwise cold colour of blue and keep you smiling whilst you type!

05 Norsuinteriors Norsudesk
Blue-based interiors are connected with feelings of trust and security, and stimulates concentration.
02 Cole Street Fieldhouse 11
Add warmth and fun through bright yellows to your office interior!