5 fancy kitchen faucets

5 fancy kitchen faucets



Function and form come together in the kitchen – check out our selection of the latest and greatest kitchen taps.

By Nathan Johnson



1. The Periscope Faucet from Blanco is height adjustable and a great idea for new and retro-fit kitchens. The adjustable height allows for sink placement in front of inward opening windows. blanco.com.au



2. The Articulating Faucet from Kohler designs is futuristic and practical. Its unique design allows for movement from three separate fulcrums in vertical and horizontal planes. Its design stems from a recent trend in pull-out mixers — their industrial aesthetic and the practicality they bring to the kitchen and bathroom. It takes this concept further by combining ergonomic and adventurous styling. kohler.com



3. This single-lever electronic mixer from Paini challenges all but one kitchen tap convention. With an electronic setting, no taps and a flexible faucet, the only thing normal is the water coming out of it. paini.com



4. Pull-down mixers bring restaurant functionality into the domestic kitchen. Belinda Geels from Reece says that pull-out options are in high demand. “They are ideal for the modern-day kitchen; they provide versatility and easy-cleaning options”. This Minimalist version from Methven is not only a mixer, but has dual-action spray too. bathroomwarehouse.com.au



5. The Oz T7 is Italian style at its best. Featuring the popular pull-out element, its design is what we have come to expect from the Italians; functional and fashionable. reece.com.au

From Renovate magazine Vol. 8 No. 5