6 simple tips to keep your pool sparkling clean

6 simple tips to keep your pool sparkling clean



Our simple tips will keep your pool sparkling clean all year long!

Everyone loves the fun and relaxation a pool can offer but the downside is the time and money you have to spend to keep them clean. Here are some tips to help reduce that burden.

1. No-fuss garden
Wind can carry twigs, pebbles and other foliage into the pool. Choosing the right plants for the outdoor area can make a difference. Deciduous trees look great in autumn, except when leaves end up in the pool. Stick to palms, hardy shrubs and varieties that don’t lose a lot of leaves or branches.

2. A thorough scrub
Whether you plan to use an automatic or manual pool cleaning system, make sure you also get in and scrub every nook and cranny of the pool before you fill it. Brushing tiles, steps and corners will get rid of dirt and other nasties that may linger long after the vacuum and skimmer have done their jobs.

3. Get a pool cover
A pool cover stops any debris getting in the water and it can also guard against chemical loss. Solar blankets can also keep the water warm and are very effective against evaporation, protecting the water you already have.

4. The right balance
Pools can be a breeding ground for germs, so pay particular attention to sanitation. There are various methods of chlorination including granule, liquid tablet and salt chlorinators. Preventing bacteria is an important step towards creating an easy cleaning routine.

5. Fence me in
The taller the pool fence, the better to guard against flying debris. A glass pool fence won’t interfere with the views across the yard and an organic fence of wood, mesh, cane or bamboo can create a haven of natural seclusion that can also insulate well against wind and noise.

6. A stitch in time
Getting things right the first time around will save time in the long run. Make sure pool filters are cleaned thoroughly so they work efficiently. Some pool filters (like the sand filter) are easier to clean than others, so choose wisely. A half-hearted job will only increase your workload next time around.