Bellini Appliances: An oven for every home

Bellini Appliances: An oven for every home


The unsung hero of any kitchen, an oven is the bridge between cooking preparation and the final ready-to-eat meal. Big or small, packed with features or simply designed, every home needs an oven and Bellini Cooking Appliances has the one for you.

Whether you’re after the grand 90cm freestanding gas cooktop and electric oven, the popular 60cm freestanding ceramic oven, or are tossing up between the versatile 50cm and 60cm freestanding gas ovens, each appliance offers craftsmanship and durability. These ovens are equipped with nine functions, from specific types of grilling, defrosting and conventional cooking through to convection cooking. Your meal will arrive impeccably cooked.

Bdfs905x F 90 Cm Freestanding Logo Oven
Ideal for a larger family, the 90cm freestanding gas cooktop and electric oven features a whopping 121L capacity, five Sabaf gas burners with cast-iron support, and is multifunctional with double fans and a rotisserie in-oven.

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The 60cm freestanding ceramic oven is a crowd-pleaser, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Conveniently sized with a 70L capacity and an “A” energy efficiency rating, this oven is effective and one of the most affordable ceramic cooktops on offer.

Available in two different sizes, the 50cm and 60cm freestanding gas ovens utilise four Sabaf gas burners with flame-failure devices to safely and evenly cook meals. The 60cm cooker can hold up to 70L, a great volume for a small- or medium-sized family.
Each oven door is triple-glazed for optimum efficiency and to remain cool to touch for little hands. The adjustable feet of these ovens ensure versatility and comfort in the space. With competitive pricing and a range of sizes, regardless of your kitchen’s style or area, these ovens will fit perfectly in your room.


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Originally published in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 25 No. 4