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The Block heats up during Kitchen Week


Benchtops, appliances and drama galore… it must be Kitchen Week on The Block!

With the show nearing its final weeks for the season, competition is heating up on The Block, and not everyone is coping. Last week, Jason and Sarah failed to complete their master suite, resulting in a big fat 0 and a warning that they need to finish both the master suite and kitchen by the end of the week, if they want to remain on The Block.

The remaining contestants spent the week completing their kitchens, and also took part in a challenge build. Despite how busy the week has been, the kitchens are all coming along quite nicely, and we can’t wait for the reveals on Sunday! Here’s what each couple has planned for their kitchen:

Clint and Hannah

Clint and Hannah’s kitchen is sleek, classy, and all about entertaining. Featuring black cabinetry, a marble splashback, a huge island bench, two sinks and two dishwashers, this space was planned to be both beautiful and functional, while also complementing the nearby living and dining area. Their lack of fridge space is currently proving to be a bit of an issue—they only have space for a single door fridge. To combat this, they are planning to include a wine fridge in the main kitchen, as well as one in the nearby niche. The niche will also include open shelving that can be used to store cocktail-making ingredients and utensils.

Josh and Elyse

This “hipster fancy” kitchen certainly took the fancy of judge Alice Stoltz, who awarded the couple 9.5/10 this week. They’ve planned a kitchen with a timber floor, an elaborate ceiling to match that of the living room, ultra-functional appliances to ensure cooking is a breeze, and a hidden butler’s pantry as well. They made the bold choice the flip the orientation of the Caesarstone waterfall edged island bench so that it haves the backyard, in an attempt to create an extra element of flow. While they were unsure of what to do with the niche at first, they ultimately decided on a landing space/desk area—a little nook for family members to dump their bag when in a hurry, or for the kids to complete their homework under supervision.

Sticks and Wombat

This pair is working towards a raw, industrial kitchen with a masculine feel and just a touch of rustic aesthetic as well. The kitchen was designed to integrate seamlessly with the kitchen, and includes a decorative ceiling, dark concrete cabinetry, a Caesarstone splashback and an L-shaped benchtop. Though they jokingly contemplated turning their niche into a giant fish tank, they eventually decided on a hidden bookcase which opens outwards.

Ronnie and Georgia

This competitive couple is hoping to reveal a winning kitchen on Sunday. Their plans include an island bench, an induction hotplate, a downdraft rangehood, copper sinks, and a double door fridge.  They’re very proud of their kitchen’s Golden Triangle— the sink, ovens, fridge and cooktop are placed within reach of another. Their niche will be transformed into a study nook with open shelving, which is hidden cleverly from view with a door.

Sarah and Jason

Jason and Sarah have to complete their master suite this week as well as the kitchen, so things are incredibly busy at their house! In terms of their kitchen, they’re working towards a functional, modern, glamorous kitchen. They’ve planned a concrete benchtop for the space, as well as generous fridge/freezer space. They hope to transform their niche into a simple functional study nook.

Watch this space for images of the completed kitchens!