Inside the VX65iQ: Zodiac’s “game changing” new pool cleaner


Zodiac has always been a key driver of innovation in automatic pool cleaners and pool equipment, and the new VX65iQ has been described as a ‘game changer’

The latest offering from Zodiac in automatic pool cleaning, the VX65iQ comes with iAqualink – allowing full control from anywhere in the world at any time through your smartphone or tablet. Not only does this provide you with the ultimate convenience when it comes to scheduling and programming your pool cleaner in real-time, it also allows service technicians to deliver troubleshooting and solve common issues without needing to be poolside.

Inside the VX65iQ : Zodiac's "game changing" new pool cleaner

Increasing functionality through automation has not come at a cost to the cleaning quality of the VX65iQ. The new offering from Zodiac continues to deliver a high performance clean, with Vortex Cyclone Suction Technology delivering a powerful suction throughout the entire cleaning cycle. Vortex-Pro 4WD means that the cleaner can go anywhere in the pool, including up walls all the way to the waterline. A watertight swivel prevents the cable from getting tangled during the clean, so the process is always hassle free.

To make life just that little bit easier, the VX65iQ Robotic Cleaner is super easy to get out of the pool. Its patented lift system expels water and makes it 20% easier to lift out of the pool.

It all means you can get on with the things you’d rather be doing than cleaning the pool.

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