Contemporary cooking: a classic all-electric cooker

Contemporary cooking: a classic all-electric cooker
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The AGA Total Control all-electric cooker offers complete flexibility to suit every modern, busy family’s lifestyle. It’s so much more than just a cooker — it provides gentle warmth to the entire kitchen and exudes a wonderful ambience.

Ready for use without any prepping, AGA cookers start to perform as soon as you open the oven doors or insulated covers. The radiant heat from the outstandingly efficient cast-iron ovens give AGA cookers their legendary cooking excellence. The heat hits the food while sealing the surface in the hot roasting oven, allowing food to retain its natural succulence and flavour when being cooked. Available in three and five oven options, including a fully programmable timer for individual ovens to be programmed as needed, this cooker has eliminated the need for unattractive knobs and handles due to its fully programmable nature.

Despite its somewhat classical look, the AGA Total Control all-electric cooker also works beautifully with more contemporary kitchens, as pictured, due to its timeless nature. Best of all, there’s a model available to suit every lifestyle. The choice of a freestanding or integrated module and AGA colour palette consisting of 11 colours means cooker perfection is attainable for every kitchen.

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