Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchen Benchtops
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I don’t know what to choose for my new benchtops. Can you explain the difference between solid surfaces, natural stone and laminates to help me make the right choice?

“When it comes to choosing a kitchen benchtop, the options seem almost endless. In recent years the growth of premium materials in the kitchen has seen the rise in popularity of marble, granite and engineered stone. The newest product to be launched in the premium surfaces market is essa stone. This quartz surface material is composed from around 95 per cent natural quartz, pigments and advanced polymer resin and delivers the ultimate in contemporary yet timeless style. Also available are premium non-porous solid surfaces made from blending natural minerals with pure acrylic resins, to deliver a dynamic combination of style, versatility and exceptional performance, such as Laminex Freestyle Surfaces.

During this time benchtops have also moved from a rounded or bullnosed post-formed shape to a square profile. This has seen the emergence of products like Laminex Squareform Benchtops, a product that combines seamless deep square edges and stone-look designs with the practicality and value of a laminate. Laminate has always been popular for its versatility and affordability. It’s a perfect surface for high-traffic family-friendly kitchens because it’s so hygienic, easy-to-clean and has excellent stain and moisture resistance.”
Chris Knight, Marketing Products Manager, The Laminex Group

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