This contemporary kitchen is best in blue


“A daring traditional and contemporary kitchen fusion, the homeowner’s wanted the kitchen to align with their country-style home. The modern shaker look, characterised by chic monochrome surrounds is broken up by the bright blue splashback.

The homeowner had plans for a full house renovation and wanted colours and finishes that could match future designs. The colour palette appealed to the homeowner’s desire for a sharper, fresher look. The freestanding stove is the feature of the space, the shiny metallic surface complementing the white benchtop and black cabinet doors. Striving for functionality in an accessible, clean way, a butler’s pantry was included into the design and is located next to this contemporary kitchen.”

Designer: Premier Kitchens

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Culinary Feat

The proud owner of this newly built kitchen wanted a space that was edgy and on trend but timeless as well, and this is certainly what she got!
Warren Ball Ave Newtown Img 8534

Grand Design

Upon entering this kitchen, your eyes are drawn to the striking mantle and stove. The mantle shelf features double federation capping to truly capture that opulent style.
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