Drawer Inserts by Häfele


How do you feel when you open your drawer? Do you have a neatly organised drawer or is it a mess? We understand. Life gets busy, and keeping your drawer nice and tidy can be quite a challenge – especially with all the utensils we seem to collect over time

As no drawer is like another, it can become quite a challenge to find a cutlery tray that fits your drawer perfectly. However, Hafele has got you covered with various options that will help you keep your drawer nicely organised. Some of our drawer inserts are completely customisable. The Fineline LiniQ wooden inserts are a great example. You can mix and match individual parts as you please. This allows you to clean-up your drawers in a way that is functional and with a little help individual to you! The Fineline LiniQ inserts are made out of high quality wood and are available exclusively to Hafele in Australia. Everyone who loves that luxe lifestyle and looks for something a little bit more special will love these beautiful cutlery inserts. By the way, they don’t just work in the kitchen. We recently discovered how neat our bathroom drawers can look with a little help too…

Of course, there’s also the traditional way of organising your drawers. We have a great variety of pre-shaped cutlery trays that come in a broad selection of sizes and colours. You can simply match your drawer inserts to the whole style of your kitchen and home. Yes, organisation can be that easy and still look pretty!

Do you have your spices all just thrown into a big box and you can never find what you need when you need it? We also have Spice Drawer Trays that make it super easy to store your spices in your drawer – of course, nicely organised so you won’t need to search ever again. Organise by colour or in alphabetical order – the choice is yours.

For those looking for something more sturdy, we also have a small selection of Stainless Steel Drawer Inserts that go well with an industrial setting and also in your campervan. They are a popular choice especially for mobile homes and alfresco kitchens. If you have never thought of stainless steel cutlery trays, make sure to head to our website and find out more.

Last but not least, most of us store our plates in drawers. It can be quite tricky to store them in a way that the movement of the drawer won’t affect how they are ordered or even lower the risk of breaking them when the drawer is shut (who else has kids…). We have a few options available that can help you with keeping your plates in place, and make it even easier to get them out.

Drawers are an individual choice and we all arrange our drawers differently. However, there is no excuse for messy drawers with the right drawer inserts by Hafele. We’re here to make your life functional.

Visit www.hafelehome.com.au/collections/kitchen/Drawer-Inserts to find out clever storage solutions for your drawers

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